• Drum Pulper
  • Drum PulperThis drum pulper is mainly used in the continuous breaking and screening of wastepaper under high consistency ...
  • Hydrapulper
  • HydrapulperThis hydrapulper is mainly used to break pulp sheet, broke and wastepaper. An energy-saving P.S.vokes rotor is ...
  • Horizontal Hydrapulper
  • Horizontal HydrapulperHuayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of horizontal hydrapulper in China. We ...
  • Fiber Separator
  • Fiber SeparatorThis fiber separator is specially used in the further breaking of wastepaper pulp as well as the separating of ...
  • Couch Pit Agitator
  • Couch Pit AgitatorThis couch pit agitator is a kind of broke pulper mainly used in the breaking of wet broken paper in pulp and ...
  • Press Pit/Dry broke pulper
  • Press Pit/Dry broke pulperThis press pit/dry broke pulper is mainly used to break broke from the paper rolling and pressing processes of ...
  • Bale Breaker
  • Bale BreakerThe bale breaker is specially utilized in the bale breaking of wastepaper and screening of dust and debris in ...

Pulping Equipments


Huayi Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pulping equipment in China. And it provides seven different pulping machines for customers worldwide.
1. Drum Pulper: this pulper performs coarse screening of paper pulp and it can decompose fiber without mincing impurities or generating smaller fiber.
2. Hydrapulper: this hydrapulper is equipped with a special power-saving rotor to strength the capacity of hydraulic circulation and fiber easing. It can perform continuous breaking with lower power consumption.
3. Horizontal hydrapulper: its rotor is energy saving and this hydrapulper can do continuous breaking but consume less power.
4. Fiber separator: unique-shaped impeller and conical shell are equipped in this fiber separator to more effectively separate fiber, as well as to remove lightweight and heavy impurities.
5. Couch pit agitator: this agitator has big matching capacity and consumes less energy.
6. Press pit/dry broke pulper: sawtooth-shape rotor of this pulping equipment ensures the good circulation and breaking effect of pulp, and compared with the traditional rotor, this rotor saves as much as 20% power. This broke pulper is equipped with a pre-embedded steel ring directly connected with the host machine.
7. Bale breaker: this machine is mainly used for the bale breaking of wastepaper and screening of dust and debris in wastepaper processing system in pulp and paper industry.