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  • Spray Granulator
  • Spray GranulatorThis spray granulator is a new type of granulation and drying equipment and especially suitable for production process of ammonium phosphate composite fertilizer, sulphur-based NPK compound
  • Vibrating Grading Sieve
  • Vibrating Grading SieveThis vibrating grading sieve is specially used to screen compound fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer, and it’s a professional strainer for fertilizer industry. Its sieving body can be divided into
  • Linear Vibrating Screen
  • Linear Vibrating ScreenThis linear vibrating screen is mainly used in the grading sieve of materials from industries of compound fertilizer, ammonium phostphate and mining. Its screening case is driven by eccentric block
  • Rotary Drum Granulator
  • Rotary Drum GranulatorHuayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of rotary drum granulating equipment in China. The rotary drum granulator is specially designed for cold and hot granulation,