Sludge Making Fertilizer System


Sludge is the sediment coming from sewage treatment process, and it consists of solid particles like silt, fiber, animal and plant residues, floc coagulated by those matters, and integrated solid materials of metal elements absorbed by organic substance, microorganisms, bacteria, worm eggs, weed seeds and more.
Because the main content of sludge from paper mill and municipal sewage treatment plant is organic matter, so the sludge itself can be used as good agricultural organic fertilizer.
This sludge making fertilizer system is a developed on the agricultural technology of making municipal sludge harmless. By blending sludge with added substances whose main content is bacteria, straw, flyash and N, P, K nutrients, this sludge making fertilizer system can produce organic compound fertilizer that can be sowed by a seeder. And the organic compound is a kind of highly efficient inorganic/organic slow release fertilizer which is good for crop yield improvement and soil protection.

Process Flow of Sludge Making Fertilizer System:

1. Fermentation Treatment
2. Grinding and Screening
3. Measurement For Making Fertilizer
4. Granulation Process
5. Accepted Granule
6. Bagged Product

Working Principle:

Project Features:

1. Raw materials and additives are mostly industrial and domestic wastes, so its final products are of low costs.
2. The products of this sludge making fertilizer system are granules and water resistant, which makes mechanized sowing possible.
3. According to different soil conditions, its products can adjust the PH value through limestone so as to satisfy different demands of various crops on soil conditions.
4. This sludge making fertilizer system has good adaptability. By adjusting additives types and amount, it can produce different types of organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers.

Advantages of Using Organic Fertilizer:

1. Providing nutrients crops need for growth.
2. Improving soil conditions so as to improve the productivity of arable land
3. Improving fertilizer efficiency
4. Improving crop yields and quality
5. Enhancing microorganism’s vitality
6. Protecting environment and reducing the spread of diseases
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