Rotor and Screen Cylinder Etc

Excellent Design Concept:

1. To get screening cylinders of good performance and long service life, Huayi has taken everything into its careful consideration from bar selection, cylinder ring processing, stress elimination, subsequent processing, to chrome coating. Huayi manufactures and supplier five different screen cylinder types for pulp and paper industry: inflow screen cylinder, outflow screen cylinder, rotor cylinder, drive-device cylinder and screen plate cylinder.
2. Good load analysis of screen cylinder is made, like foil vacuum, cylinder (slot) plugging, maximum torque, natural frequency, and more.
3. Using various advanced molds to get desired design effects.

4. Selecting suitable wedge wire and using wear-resistance treatment are good for longer service life of screen cylinder.

Torque Natural Frequency

Selection of High-quality Wedge Wire:

Different screen cylinder has different demands on wedge wires so as to suit different screening processes and consistency requirements. The uniformity of wires is obtained by precise dies. And unique profiles minimize flow restriction and only lead to quite small surface turbulence, which improves the processing capacity of screen cylinder.

Precise Cutting Control

1.Specially-designed support rings guarantee the cylinder strength and maximum filter area of screen cylinder.

2. The support rings, also known as reinforcement rings, are made by one-time wire cutting so that vertical screen slot can be obtained. In that way, it improves the width tolerance of screen slot, tolerance of screen cylinder, cylinder roundness, and guarantees more precise foil clearance.

Advantages of Precise Cutting Control:

1. The thickened support rings protect screen cylinder from being broken.
2. The wedge-shape design extends the qualified-pulp accepting side area, thereby guaranteeing precision of lower pressure drops.
3. Precise positioning process technology ensures the uniform distribution and spacial layout of wedge wires of screen cylinder, which increases the efficiency of removing heavy debris. The size of screen slot can be as small as 0.1mm.

Special Welding Technology:

Special welding process guarantee the overall strength of screen cylinder and elimination of residual stress caused by screen cylinder welding. While rotor is running at a high speed, wedge wires never fall down and screen slot size stays relatively stable, thereby greatly improves the quality of accept pulp.

Perfect Follow-up Treatment:

The follow-up treatment mainly includes complete machining, acidity passivation, electrolytic polishing, and chrome coating. High-quality wires allows chrome coating to range from 200um to 250um.

Strict Quality Inspection:

1. After chrome coating, the color consistency of the inner and outer surfaces of cylinder is the same, and both surfaces are smooth and flat. If you wipe the surfaces by cotton ball, there is no cotton hung on the surfaces.
2. There is no dent, visible deformation, foreign materials like paint, oil, or slag inclusion on screen cylinder.
3. Visual inspection is performed in all welds. The welds have to be even, and free from flaws like pores, slag inclusion, undercut, cracks, pit, overlap, unfused areas, etc.

Width Distribution of Typical Screen Slot:

The design requires that the tolerance of more than 90% have to be within -0.02mm to + 0.02mm.

Wide Applications of Screen Cylinder:

1. Coarse and fine screening
2. Wastepaper recycling and deinking
3. Original pulp processing
4. Approach flow of paper machine
5. Broke system
6. Fractionating system
7. Fiber recycling
8. Pulp washer

Huayi screen cylinder not only matches exactly different rotors of various pressure screens, but also optimize the performance of screens.
1. Vertical centrifugal screen: Φ400, Φ600
2. WPS pressurized screen:
WPS400, WPS600, WPS700, WPS800, WPS900 , WPS1000
3. UV pressure screen:
UV100, UV200, UV300, UV400, UV500, UV600
4. FT pressurized screen:
FT1, FT2, FT2X, FT3
5. HB pressure screen:
HB1, HB2, HB3, HB3.5, HB4, HB4.5, HB7
6. Outflow pressure screen:
8PS, 12 PS , 24PS, 30PS, 36 PSS ZSL31, ZSL32, ZSL33, ZSL34, ZSL35, ZSL36 ZSL51, ZSL52, ZSL53, ZSL54, ZSL55, ZSL56
7. Inflow pressure screen:
ZSL71, ZSL72, ZSL73, ZSL74, ZSL75, ZSL76, ZSL81, ZSL82, ZSL83, ZSL84, ZSL85, ZSL86,
8. M.C. pressure screen:
9. H.C. pressurized screen:
ZSW0.3, ZSW0.4, ZSW0.7, ZSW1.4,
10. Fiber fractionating screen:
ZSL63, ZSL64, ZSL65, ZSL66
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