Extrusion and Rounding Group


Based on the application experiment of different materials, the extrusion and rounding group is developed specially to process organic materials, like organic-inorganic fertilizer, biologic fertilizer. Raw materials are be extruded and cut first, then go into the process of three-step combination polishing, and are finally granulated into granules at one time. The whole extrusion and rounding process features high granulating rate, no material reverting, high granule intensity, even and round granule shape, low moisture granules, low power consumption of drying process.

Disc Feeder

The disc feeder can stably send well-proportioned materials to the extrusion and round group equipment.
Type: Φ600 Φ800 Φ1300

Innovation of Extrusion and Rounding Production Line:

1. High adaptability for different raw materials: This extrusion and rounding group equipment has a lower demand on the fineness of raw materials: the granularity is less than 1.5mm and no visible fiber can be seen. This production line can be used to produce not only pure organic fertilizer, but also high-quality organic-inorganic fertilizer containing more than 20% of NPK and more than 25% organic substance.
2. High granulation rate and high granulation intensity: Firstly, the extrusion and rounding equipment presses raw materials into columnar shape; secondly, columnar materials are heavily pressed by rollers and templates, so that the gaps between monomers of raw materials are decreased. In that way, the binding force (or the Van der Waals force ) between molecules is greatly strengthened, so the structure of materials are more compact and difficult to be broken. Finally, after polished and shaped, the final granule products are even, round and of high intensity. And its granulation rate can be as high as 95%.
3. Low-moisture granule products: Low moisture granule product is the main advantage of the extrusion and rounding equipment. Organic substance has coarse and big particle, loose structure, lower density, lower solubility. And the adhesive force and Van der Waals force of organic materials are much smaller than that of inorganic materials. Due to its small binding force, organic substance is hard to be granulated. So it needs lots of liquid from the outside to be agglomerated. But because organic substance has low solubility and is temperature insensitive, the traditional disc granulator and rotary drum granulator have to use hot water or cold water other water vapor to help it in agglomeration. In that way, high granulation rate always comes with high moisture. Sometimes, the moisture can be as high as 40% in final pure organic fertilizer, and it’s very difficult to dry, which increase the power consumption of production line. But the extrusion and rounding group equipment normally work under medium- and low-moisture conditions, so the moisture of final organic fertilizer is less than 30%, and the moisture of organic-inorganic fertilizer less than 20%.

Technical Parameters of

Type HZH30 HZH55 HZH75
Productivity (t/h) 1-2 2-3 4-5
Granulation rate (%) >95
Temperature rise Of granule (℃) <30
Granule diameter (mm) 3.5-5.5
Motor power (KW) 30 55 75


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