• Nitrogen-adding Equipments
  • Nitrogen-adding EquipmentsNitrogen-adding equipment is specially designed for high-nitrogen compound fertilizer. By distributing steam into ...
  • Granulation Equipments
  • Granulation EquipmentsShandong Huayi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of granulation equipment in ...
  • Dryer Equipments
  • Dryer EquipmentsAs a professional manufacturer and supplier of dryer equipment in China, Huayi supply customers worldwide with two ...
  • Cooler Equipments
  • Cooler EquipmentsEstablished in 1986, Shandong Huayi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cooling ...
  • Coater Equipments
  • Coater EquipmentsThis coater equipment is widely used in the solid powdering and liquid coating processes of granular ...
  • Pulverizer Equipments
  • Pulverizer EquipmentsHere in Huayi, we manufacture and supply four different types of pulverizer equipment for customers across the ...
  • Sieve Equipments
  • Sieve EquipmentsAs a professional sieve equipment manufacturer and supplier in China for about 30 years, Shandong Huayi Company ...
  • Mixer Equipments
  • Mixer EquipmentsAs a professional manufacturer and supplier of mixer equipment in China, Huayi has three different types of mixing ...
  • Fermentation Equipment
  • Fermentation EquipmentHuayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional fermentation equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Here in ...
  • Conveying Equipments
  • Conveying EquipmentsAs a professional manufacturer and supplier of conveying equipment in China, Shandong Huayi provides three kinds ...
  • Metering Equipments
  • Metering EquipmentsTo better serve our customers across the world, Huayi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd manufacture and supply high quality ...
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Auxiliary EquipmentAs a professional manufacturer and supplier of compound fertilizer equipment in China, Huayi Heavy Industry ...

Compound Fertilizer Equipments


1. Nitrogen-adding Equipments:

Our Nitrogen-adding Equipments include Urea Molyrn Device and Urea Solution Tank.

2. Potassium Sulfate Process & Equipments:

Potassium sulfate equipment set adopted by our company is designed using Man Haimu process and through relewant improvements based on Germany dry-type torrefaction method. If it is used in combination with other special equipment ,it can successfully resolve many process technical issues such as high temperature and high consistency strong acid corrosion as well as continuous feeding production etc.

3. Granulation Equipments:

Our have seven kinds Granulation Equipments include Rotary Drum Granulator、Disc Granulator、Extrusion Granulator、Spray Granulator、Extrusion And Rounding Group、High-Tower Granulation Equipments、Rotary Drum And Disc Granulator.

4. Dryer Equipments:

Our Dryer Equipments include Rotary Dryer and High-moisture Material Dryer.

5. Cooler Equipments:

Our Cooler Equipments include Rotary Cooler and Vibration Fluidized Bed.

6. Coater Equipments:

Our Coater Equipments include Rotary Coater.

7. Pulverizer Equipments:

We have four kinds Pulverizer Equipments include Vertical Pulverizer、Horizontal Pulverizer、Cage-type Pulverizer、High-Moisture Material Pulverize

8. Sieve Equipments:

Our have four kinds Sieve Equipments include Rotary Grading Sieve、Vibrating Grading Sieve、Vibrating Sieve、Linear Vibrating Screen.

9. Mixer Equipments:

Our have three kinds Mixer Equipments include Vertical Mixer、Double-axle Mixer、BB Fertilizer Mixer.

10. Ferment Equipments:

Our have three kinds Ferment Equipments include Chain Rolling And Piling Machine、Tooth-rake Rolling And Piling Machine、Self-motion Rolling And Piling Machine.

11. Conveying Equipments:

Our have three kinds Conveying Equipments include Belt Conveyor、Screw Conveyor、Bucket Elevator.

12. Metering Equipments:

Our Metering Equipments include Auto-matching System and Auto-packing Machine.

13. Auxiliary Equipment:

Our have five kinds Auxiliary Equipment Electric-Control Box、Jet Induced Fan、DCS automatic control、Cyclone Dust Extractor、Induced Draft Fan.