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  • KnotterThis knotter is specially used to remove debris in paper pulp like knots, sand, gravels. The rotating ...
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Vibrating ScreenThis vibrating screen is mainly used to remove various impurities in paper pulp suspension. Its vibrating ...
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  • H.(M).C. CleanerThis high (medium) consistency cleaner is mainly used to remove heavy impurities in paper pulp. The ...

Closed Screening Machine


This closed screening machine system is mainly made up of out-flow pressure hot screening machine, liquid filtering pressurized screen, knotter, vibrating screen and H. (M). C, cleaner. And it’s mainly used in the chemical pulping process.
The screening of pulp is completed during the washing process under high temperature and high consistency status. The recycling of the heat and black liquids is done in a enclosed circuit, so this closed screening system makes less heat loss and its screening quality is good. The black liquids extracted by this screen system has high temperature and high consistency, which is very good for the following process.
Moreover, this closed screening machine system is developed on the basis of clean production technology and it consumes much less water, which reduces the costs of sewage treatment.


1.Out-flow pressure hot screen:

it’s also known as hot-screening pressurized screen. It’s designed with a weir tube structure to feed pulp in overflowing way, which effectively reduces the wear and tear of impurities to screen drum. Double mechanical seal structure enables this hot screen to better work under high temperature.

2.Liquid filtering pressurized screen:

specially designed transmission system contributes to stable and smooth operation of this pressurized screening machine at high ambient temperature.


its closed screening method keeps pulp at a high temperature.

4.Vibrating screen:

Specially designed gas confinement chamber allows higher self-cleaning capacity of screening plate.

5.H.(M).C. Cleaner:

this cleaning equipment is mainly used to remove heavy impurities in paper pulp. Optimized feed chamber and double inner cone structure produce strong vortex and obvious low pressure area, which is helpful for the complete separation of qualified pulp from impurities.

Work Principle Diagram:

Layout of Closed Screening System for Chemical Pulping

Closed Screening Machine