Liquid Filtering Pressurized Screen


This liquid filtering pressurized screen is mainly used in filtering black liquids or purifying waste water in the alkali recycle program.
The enclosed drum-shaped rotor of this liquid filtering pressurized screen produces high-frequency pulse when rotating at a high speed. Heavy impurities are quickly separated because of the centrifugal force and then discharged out of the liquid filtering pressurized screen, which helps to decrease the wear and tear of impurities to rotor and screening cylinder.
Specially designed transmission system ensures better and smoother operation under high temperature.

Main Technical Parameters:

Nominal filtering area (m2) 0.5 0.8 1
Filtering capacity (m3/h) 100-150 160-240 240-360
Fiber content of filtered liquid (mg/L) <40( Wood pulp)
<60( Grass pulp)
Motor power (kw) 45 55 75
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (mm) 2070×1140×1780 2070×1140×1950 2070×1140×2250
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