Cage-type Pulverizer


This cage pulverizer is mainly used in pulverizing granular materials like ammonium phosphat, urea. And this cage pulverizing equipment is designed on impacting and crushing principles.
This cage-type pulverizer features compact structure, high pulverizing efficiency, good sealing performance, easy maintenance and more.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type HLS60 HLS80 HLS100
Productivity (t/h) Ammonium Phosphate ------- 14-16 14-16
Urea 4-6 10-12 16-20
Feeding granularity (mm) <20
Discharging granularity (mm) <0.5(over 80%)
Feeding Moisture of feeding material (%) <3
Motor Big Cage YL160L-4 15KW YL180L-4 22KW YL250M-6 37KW
Small Cage YL160M-4 11KW YL160L-4 15KW YL180L-4 22KW
Overall size (mm) (L×W×H) 2300×1850×1200 2290×1900×1300 2250×2000×1400
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