Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer Equipment


Shandong Huayi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment in China. With about 30 years’ manufacturing and research experience in potassium sulphate fertilizer production line, we have developed our own unique facilities. For instance, according to the well-known Mannheim process and based on German dry melting method, we developed a new combustion reactor furnace to solve the problems in production processes, like high temperature, strong acid corrosion and continuous feeding production.
The annual output of our potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 t.

Briefing of Technological Process:

1. Put potassium chloride and concentrated sulfuric acid into the high-temperature reaction furnace. Then stir from the 550℃ furnace bottom to quicken the reaction between these materials. Soon potassium sulfate and hydrogen chloride gas are generated.
2. Potassium sulfate generated is then cooled to the normal temperature by discharge cooler before the conveyor belt sends it to the crushing system. During the conveying process, an appropriate amount of calcium carbonate power should be added to neutralize the residual sulfuric acid left in potassium sulphate. After crushing, potassium sulfate is sent to packing system. Usually, one pack is 50g. The hydrogen chloride gas generated is sent to the absorption system via an induced draft fan. Inside the absorption system, hydrogen chloride is cooled down after three-step acid pickling. Then the cooled hydrogen chloride is absorbed by two-phase falling film absorber. After that, the residual hydrogen chloride is absorbed again by a three-stage feeding tower and the tower takes all residual hydrogen chloride. Finally, a small amount of residual gas is discharged to the outside through a tail fan.

Technology Briefing:

1. The combustion reactor furnace of our potassium sulfate production line is designed on the basis of Mannheim technology and German dry-type melting method, and this furnace is free from the problems from high temperature, highly concentrated acid corrosion and continuous feeding production. Meanwhile, there is no emission of waste water, waste gas or waste residue. All of its technological indicators meet the international environment protection requirements.
2. Compared with traditional potassium sulphate reactor furnace, our furnace is more user-friendly, and environment friendly due to consuming less coal, electricity and manpower. Moreover, this furnace has a work life of as long as more than 8 years and its daily potassium sulfate is 40tons.
3. Based on our 28 years’ manufacturing experience, we developed our own high-efficient hydrochloric acid recycling system whose absorption rate is more than 98%, and it’s easy to operate. Moreover, we use coal-gas generator to provide heat, which is not only environmental friendly, energy-saving, but also low-cost and easy operation.


1. Large output:

Daily output is more than 4 tons.

2. Low coal consumption:

The reaction furnace body is independently supported between thermal-insulation walls. According to the furnace structure, refractory materials are used to divide the furnace into three different heated parts: furnace top, wall and bottom. In that way, the heat receiving area of furnace body is greatly enlarged to improve the heat utilization. Heat from the coal burning furnace successively pass through furnace top, wall and bottom to be absorbed totally, in which way the reaction amount can also be significantly increased.
Because of specially-designed furnace structure and materials, heat inside the furnace body can be fully utilized. As a result, the coal consumption of this furnace is much lower.

3. Low electricity consumption:

Two reaction furnaces share one matched machine as well as an absorption machine, thereby lowering electricity consumption greatly. The electricity consumption of two reaction furnace is only about 230KW per hour (not including the backup device.).

4. High absorption rate of hydrochloric acid and easy operation:

The hydrochloric acid absorption system is made of polypropylene material. The alternate use of feeding tower and graphite falling film absorber improves the absorption and cooling effects. The separate arrangement of furnace body and circulation storage tank enlarges the storage capacity and reduces the emission times of final acid, and it’s very easy to operate and maintain. Circulation pump is a kind of direct-connection centrifugal pump featuring long working life and easy maintenance. High-temperature resistant and corrosion resistant materials are used to make the pipeline between the reaction furnace and absorber, so that the pipeline has longer service life but less maintenance and cleaning times, which is out the reach of silicon carbide reactor.

5. Using energy-saving coal-fired furnace instead of gas generator:

Based on how this furnace is heated, a new energy-saving coal fired furnace is used to replace gas generator and other heating methods, which makes the operation easier and sager. Besides, this kind of furnace consume less coal and has a lower requirement on the coal quality. And it can save as much as about 20% coal than gas generator.

6. Lower production costs:

Because of the above-mentioned features, our potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment promise you a lower production cost. If the price of raw coal is RMB 800 per ton and 8tons coal is need every day, you have to pay RMB 6,400; if the electricity is RMB 0.5 per degree and 5520 degrees are needed, you have to pay RMB 2, 760; if there are 50 working staff and one staff cost RMB 50 one day, you have to pay RMB 2, 500 one day. You have to pay RMB 11,660 as the fixed costs of equipment every day for the above things. If the daily output is 80tons, the fixed cost of equipment for one ton is about RMB 145. The traditional process requires white coal: if the white coal is RMB 1, 100 per ton and daily coal consumption is about 12 tons, you have to pay RMB 13, 200; if the electricity is RMB 0.5 per degree and daily use is 6,000 degrees, you have to pay about RMB 3, 000; if the month salary for working staff is RMB 2, 500, you have to pay RMB 18,700 as the fixed costs of equipment every day for the above things. If the daily output is 50 tons, the fixed cost of equipment for one ton is about RMB 374. From the specific comparison with the traditional equipment, our potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment can help you reduce RMB 230 per ton.

7. Stable productivity:

The reaction furnace of the potassium sulphate fertilizer equipment has features of simple and hard structure, good high temperature and corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, great thermal conductivity, easy maintenance, long service life, etc.

Accessories and Matching Equipment of Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer Production Line:

Gas generator, Mannheim Furnace (including distributor and stirring device), cooling machine, screening equipment, pulverizer, packing machine, exhaust gas absorber.

Cage pulverizer
Material-sealing screw machine
Improved Mannheim furnace

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