• Rotary Drum Granulator
  • Rotary Drum GranulatorHuayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of rotary drum granulating equipment in ...
  • Disc Granulator
  • Disc GranulatorDisc granulator is designed to granulate fertilizers into special shapes of the same size. And it’s mainly used ...
  • Extrusion Granulator
  • Extrusion GranulatorThe extrusion granulator is a new kind of granulating equipment specially developed for powder fertilizer ...
  • Spray Granulator
  • Spray GranulatorThis spray granulator is a new type of granulation and drying equipment and especially suitable for production ...

Granulation Equipments


Shandong Huayi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of granulation equipment in China. With about 28 years’ manufacturing and supply experience of granulating machines, we can provide customers from different industries with specific granulation equipment designed according to production process, raw materials, and final fertilizer types. For instance, For NPK compound fertilizer production, we have rotary drum granulator; for organic fertilizer production, we have disc granulating equipment and extrusion granulator; for slurry compound fertilizer production, we provide spray granulating machinery; for production of irregularly shaped particle fertilizer, we supply dry extrusion granulator.
The granulation equipment is mainly used to handle powder fertilizer materials.


1. Rotary drum granulator: the cylinder of this granulating equipment is lined with special rubber and stainless steel pressure plate, so this granulator can remove scars and tumors automatically.
2. Disc granulator: the balling inclination of this granulation equipment can be adjusted from 40°to 60°. Moreover, this disc granulating machine has advantages of high balling rate, round and even final granules, intuitive operation, easy maintenance and so on.
3. Extrusion granulator: this extrusion granulating equipment normally works under the room temperature and it has no dry process. This granulator features compact structure, good operation stability, great reliability, energy saving, no three wastes discharge, humanized process design, etc.
4. Spray granulator: this granulating equipment is functional in granulation, drying, internal grading, internal material feeding, and more. And it characterized in high balling rate, less outside material feeding, low comprehensive energy consumption, and so on.
5. Extrusion and rounding group: this group equipment is specially designed according to the special features of organic materials.
6. High-tower granulation equipment: this equipment is designed on the basis of compound fertilizer production technology of melt slurry tower granulation, and it has melted urea liquid as the fluid carrier.
7. Rotary drum and disc granulator: this granulator is mainly used to produce organic and inorganic fertilizers that contain 15% NPK and less than 30% organic substance.


Change lubricating oil and grease regularly. When not in work, please clean the equipment. When in work, please operate it according to the instructions.

Service Advantages:

We have a professional after-sale service team to help you in installation, adjustment as well as to give some professional suggestions on production process and formula. Namely, we can provide one-stop service for customers worldwide from preliminary design, production, installation, manufacture suggestions to accessories.

Packing:Wooden cases or pallet packing
Shipping:container shipment
Payment:TT, L/C