High-tower Granulation Equipments


The high-tower granulation equipment is developed on the basis of melted slurry tower granulation compound fertilizer technology, and it uses the molten urea liquid as the fluid carrier to mix with powder ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride or potassium sulfate. Following that, a pump sends the mixture to the tower top higher than 80m, and from the tower top, the mixed materials are sprayed out by granulation spray head and then cooled into granules. Finally, a new kind of urea-based compound fertilizer is produced, featuring smooth surface, high intensity and good granularity.


1. The installation power of a 100,000 tons/year high-tower granulation equipment production is about 450kw, and its power consumption is about 2/3 of that of agglomeration process.
2. The nutrient of its final products is evenly distributed and has no nutrient segregation phenomenon.
3. This high tower granulating machine can be used to manufacture sulfur-based high nitrogen fertilizer at a low cost.
4. Its products feature smooth surface, even granules, high intensity. And every product granule has a pore.
5. Products of this high tower granulation equipment cannot be intimated by other kind of equipment, so there is no fake from the technology. Therefore, this kind of products has high reliability for customers, and has good market.
6. Moreover, this granulating machine can be used to modify agricultural ammonium nitrate. Due to its high explosion risk, agricultural ammonium nitrate is not allowed to sell in China, so further processing is needed. The high-tower granulation equipment can be used to produce binary and ternary compound or mixed fertilizer in order to reduce the explosion capacity of ammonium nitrate, thereby enlarging the market of this granulation machine.

High-Tower Granulation Equipment:

Urea melting equipment
Cooling equipment
Sieving machine

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