• H.C. Breaking System
  • H.C. Breaking SystemThis high consistency breaking system is mainly made up of high consistency hydrapulper, drum screen, hydrapurge ...
  • Pulping Equipments
  • Pulping EquipmentsHuayi Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pulping equipment in China. And it provides ...
  • Cleaning Screening Equipments
  • Cleaning Screening EquipmentsHuayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cleaning screening equipment in China. ...
  • Closed Screening Machine
  • Closed Screening MachineThis closed screening machine system is mainly made up of out-flow pressure hot screening machine, liquid ...
  • Dispersing System
  • Dispersing SystemThis dispersing system is mainly used to disperse hot-melt impurities in waste paper pulp, like stickies, grease, ...

Pulp & Paper Equipment


Established in 1986, Shandong Huayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pulp and paper equipment, and we provide a wide selection of pulp and paper machines for customers around the world:

1. L.C. continuous breaking system:

we have eight different low consistency breaking machines: ragger (or strander), grapple, drum screen, hydrapurge II, cutting machine, D-type hydrapulper, PLC control system, screw extrusion machine.

2. H.C. breaking system:

we manufacture and supply four types of high consistency breaking equipment: H.C. Hydrapulper, drum screen, hydrapurge I, PLC control system.

3. Pulping equipment:

Huayi has seven kinds of pulp machines: drum pulper, hydrapulper, horizontal hydrapulper, fiber separator, couch pit agitator, press pit/dry broke pulper and bale breaker.

4. Cleaning screening equipment:

our cleaning screening equipment includes cleaning screening H.C. Cleaner, coarse screening system equipment, fine screening system equipment, sizing sytem equipment and fiber fractionating screen.

5. Closed screening machine:

in Huayi, customers have five different closed screening machines to select: out-flow pressure hot screening, liquid filtering pressurized screen, knotter, vibrating screen, H.(M).C. cleaner.

6. Floatation/washing/thickening/dispersing system:

Huayi manufacture and supply six types of floatation/washing/thickening/dipersing system equipment: mac floatation cell, high-speed washer, gravity cyliner thickener, disc thickener, new-type gravity cylinder, thickener and inclined screw thickener.

7. Dispersing system:

our dispersing system includes sealing screw conveyor, fluffer, heater, disc heat disperser, kneader and heating screw conveyor.

8. H.(M).C bleaching tower equipment:

we manufacture and supply three different types of H.(M).C bleaching tower machines for customers worldwide: H.C. Bleaching tower, M.C. Mixer, M.C. Bleaching tower.

9. Rotor and screen cylinder, etc.:

to guarantee the good screening performance and longer work life, Huayi has taken everything into its consideration from cylinder bar selection, cylinder ring processing, screen cylinder welding, stress elimination, subsequent processing to chrome plating of screen cylinder.