About Us

about us

Established in 1986 and with a registered capital of RMB 8,000,000, Shandong Huayi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of compound fertilizer equipment and pulp and paper equipment in China. Now, Huayi can manufacture and supply as many as more than 60 series of compound fertilizer machines in about 260 different specifications, and 40 series of pulp and paper equipment in nearly 200 different specifications. So our products can satisfy the equipment selection and matching not only for different organic compound fertilizer and inorganic compound (or mixed) fertilizer production lines in compound fertilizer industry, but also for the wastepaper deinking of pulp and papermaking industry, waste cardboard treatment and closed chemical pulp screening system. Moreover, Huayi also provides engineering design and technical consulting services for the new building and technological improvement in the above mentioned industries. And all of our products are environmental friendly.

In 2009, Huayi obtained the authentication of ISO9001: 2001 International Quality Management. Now we have more than 120 sets of manufacturing equipment, including large 5m machining vertical lathe, automatic CNC flame cutting machine, CNC wire cutting machinery, 800tons pressure packing equipment, CNC submerged arc welding equipment, large rolling machine, rivet welding machinery, CNC bending machine, painting equipment, etc. And their annual output is more than 10,000tons.

Huayi is located in Ji’ning City of Shandong Province, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius and close to Nansi Lake, owning a good transportation connection of water, land and air. Huayi covers an area of 47,100m2 and has more than 180 working staff, more than 50 of whom are professional technicians, 8 of whom is senior engineer and 7 of whom is process engineer.

Our products have been highly valued by customers from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Burma, Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia Malaysia, Sudan, etc. Meanwhile, Huayi has been awarded as “Creditable Enterprise”, “ Advanced Management Enterprise”, “Class AAA Bank Creditable Enterprise”, “Customer Satisfaction Enterprise”, and more.

Believing in that different talents are the solid foundation of an enterprise, Huayi has been devoted to nurturing talents and workforce building since the moment of its establishment. Relying on advanced employment mechanism, harmonious interpersonal relationships and people-oriented management philosophy, Huayi has been insisting on extensively introducing professional talents and training high quality teams. Especially in 2006, as Ji’ning Huayi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd (another different company) is sold to a foreign company, Shandong Huayi immediately absorbed and integrated its human resources and technical resources by introducing a group of technical, production, sales and management talents, which greatly enhance our technical strength and perfects our management system. By working hard together, we hope to revitalize Chinese compound fertilizer and pulp and papermaking industry. 

  “ Innovation, courage, cooperation, improvement” is our operating philosophy. “ Respect customer, focus on service” is our goal. Timely product supply and valuing business reputation are what we have kept doing all these 30 years.

Certification and Honors:
1. ISO9001 Quality Management Certification
2. Contract Abiding & Trustworthy Enterprise
3. Key Protection Unit
4. Top 50 Chinese Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises in 2012
5. Advanced Enterprise for Safety Production
6. Backbone Enterprise
7. Alibaba Gold Supplier
8. Customer Satisfaction Enterprise
9. Shandong Machinery Industry Hundred Enterprises
10. Grade-AAA Credit Enterprise
11. Ji’ning City Advanced Unit in Safety Production Management

Quality Control:
1. Raw material test report
2. Sampling and testing
3. Step by step quality management system implementation: the production includes section and process, and every process has one quality inspector to test components before the qualified components are sent to the next process. If the whole machine is qualified, quality inspector issues a product qualification certificate with a unique number and then input it into finished product storehouse system.

Cost Saving:
1. Purchase of raw materials: combing report from production department with material price in market to make an overall arrangement for material purchase.
2. Quality supplier: selecting quality suppliers in different industries and building long-term partnership.
3. Cost effective labor: building talent supply chains with technical schools in and around Ji’ning City.
4. Good outsourcing partner: establishing cooperation with good outsourcing companies in our neighborhood and surrounding areas.
5. Quality management system for production process: building and strictly implementing a set of complete management system for production process, minimizing power and material consumption.

Our research and development department consists of many senior engineers and ordinary engineers. Regularly, they actively go to user sites to do practical calculation and operational monitoring. They can not only update existing equipment in the industry, but also develop new substitute products to meet special requirements of customers and this industry.

1. Pre-sales services: providing technical advice, process design, engineering design, formulation design, and equipment production.
2. Sales services: on-site guidance, installation and commissioning, staff training, operating test; providing complete warehouse management system and equipment files; informing customers to make spares plan in advance; delivery time depending on specific projects abroad and domestically.
3. After-sales services: our after-sales service department provides life-long service for our products; warranty period is one year from the moment of operating our equipment, or 18 months since the date of shipment; during the warranty period, we provide three guarantees for our equipment: repair, replacement and return.