• H.C. Bleaching Tower
  • H.C. Bleaching TowerThis high consistency bleaching tower is widely used in the high-consistency hydrogen peroxide bleaching of ...
  • M.C. Mixe
  • M.C. MixeThis medium consistency mixer is widely utilized in mixing chemical or steam with pulp in bleaching process in ...
  • M.C. Bleaching Tower
  • M.C. Bleaching TowerThis M.C.bleaching tower is mainly used to bleach pulp, especially wastepaper pulp, in medium-consistency ...

H.(M).C Bleaching Tower Equipments


Huayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-consistency and medium-consistency bleaching tower equipment for pulp and paper industry in China. And it has three different kinds of H.(M).C bleaching tower equipment for customers around the world:

1. H.C. Bleaching tower:

this tower is designed with a tapered structure to reduce the possibilities of pulp bridging.

2. M.C.mixer:

this mixing equipment is equipped with three-blade rotors and high-speed rotating rotors fluidize pulp and break fiber meshwork to better fully mix pulp.

3. M.C. bleaching tower:

its specially designed tower structure is good for the overall rising of pulp and avoid pulp retention in tower body.


Our best technology and professional experience provide you best quality H.(M).C.bleaching tower equipment.