M.C. Mixe


This medium consistency mixer is widely utilized in mixing chemical or steam with pulp in bleaching process in pulp and paper industry.

Structure Features:

1. High-speed rotating three-blade rotors fluidize pulp and break fiber meshwork to fully mix pulp.
2. The inner structure of this medium consistency mixing equipment is designed with screw ribs to avoid the retention of pulp in shell body, thereby reducing pressure loss.
3. The rotation direction of rotor is perpendicular to the flowing direction of pulp to avoid the separation and escape of bleaching agent, thereby reducing chemicals consumption.
4. This M.C.mixer is directly connected with medium-consistency pump, which saves a lot of power.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type ZPH21 ZPH22 ZPH23
Specifications Φ100 Φ150 Φ200
Applicable temperature (℃) ≤120
Processing consistency (%) 8~14
Working pressure (Mpa) ≤0.6
Productivity (t/d) Rotating speed (1000r/min) 50~80 160~170 180~270
Rotating speed (1500r/min) 80~120 160~260 300~420
Applied power (Kw) 7.5~11 11~22 22~37
Total weight (Kg) 420 550 800
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