H.C. Bleaching Tower


This high consistency bleaching tower is widely used in the high-consistency hydrogen peroxide bleaching of wastepaper deinking pulp, ground wood pulp, and many other kinds of pulp.

Structure Feature:

1. This H.C. bleaching tower is designed with tapered structure to reduce to the possibility of pulp bridging.
2. The dilution function of the tower bottom allows high-consistency bleaching and low-consistency conveying, thereby simplifying work process of this high consistency bleaching tower.

Main technical parameters:

Nominal volume (m3) 50 70 100 150
Pulp consistency (%) 28~32
Bleaching temperature (℃) 60~70
Bleaching time (min) 60~90
Productivity (t/d) 50~80 80~120 120~170 150~260
Motor power (kw) 30 30×2 37×2 37×2

Work Principle Diagram:

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