Our sludge drying equipment for pulp and paper industry still includes the following machines:

1.Sludge Feed Box

This box is used in the short-time storage of sludge. A special screw blade is equipped inside the box. And sludge can be discharged evenly and continuously from the middle of this sludge feed box.

2. Non-shaft Screw Conveyor

This conveyor is used to convey sludge with dryness from 20% to 30%. The screw spindle is fixed in one end, but not fixed in the other end, which prevents conveying sludge from being stuck, or stuffing screw blades. Besides, this non-shaft screw conveyor is of stepless speed, and its convey amount is adjustable.

3.Sealing Air Equipment

This equipment is used to ensure that there is no air going in or our when the dryer is discharging sludge.

4.Cyclone Dust Extractor

This cyclone dust extractor is to remove substances in exhaust gas, like water vapor, dust, light floating matter, etc. In this way, it is conductive to protecting fan from excessive damages, and reducing dust content in gas.

5. Bucket Elevator

This bucket elevating machine is to elevate sludge particles to higher store box. It features reasonable bucket design and good operation stability.

6. Product Store Box

This store box is used as a temporary storage of finished sludge particles, and it makes it easier to convey particle sludge out, or to meter particle sludge when added to the coal loading system of boiler.

7. Belt Measurement

This belt measurement equipment is used in the accurate meter of sludge particles when added to the coal loading system of boiler, and ensures the mixing ratio of particle sludge and coal.

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