New-type Gravity Cylinder Thickener


This new-type gravity cylinder thickener is specially utilized in washing and thickening low-consistency pulp.
Besides having all the features of normal gravity cylinder thickener, it has higher matching capacity, and its cylinder has higher rigidity.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type ZNW4025 ZNW4525 ZNW6030
Filtration area (m2) 40 45 60
Feeding pulp consistency (%) 0.5~1
Discharging pulp consistency (%) 4~6
Productivity Rice-wheat-straw pulp (t/d) 10~60 45~67 60~90
Mixed waste paper pulp(t/d) 60~80 67~90 90~120
Tailing pulp (%) 80~100 90~112 120~150
Chemical wood pulp (%) 120~140 135~157 180~210
Motor power (kw) 15 18.5 22
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 7565×4030×3095 8210×4030×3095 8950×4580×3560
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