Urea Solution Tank


In the process of compound fertilizer production, this urea solution tank is mainly used to melt and mix nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The single nitrogen content can be as much as 30%, and the appearance of the final product particles are hard, translucent and sleek. With a little water, this urea solution tank can melt urea and then send the molten urea to the following composite fertilizer production process.
The urea solution tank is mainly used to dissolve urea. Equipped with coiled pipelines and stirring device, this urea dissolving tank is of good continuity, high stability and easy operability.

Main Technical Parameters:

Size (m3) 1 3 5 8 10
Productivity ( t/h) 0.9-1.0 1.6-2.5 3-4 5-6 7-9
Water-adding amount (%) 3-10
Designed pressure (mpa) 0.6
Overall dimensions (mm)
1200×1130×2600 2250×1750×3130 2800×2300×3900 3300×2600×4200 3500×2800×4300
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