Mac Floatation Cell


This mac floatation cell is mainly used to remove ink particles in waste paper pulp.

Working Principle Diagram:

Structure Features:

1. Optimized injection machine produces broad-spectrum bubbles, which effectively removes dust in a wide size range to get cleaner pulp. Meanwhile, some stickies and fillers in pulp can also be removed.
2. This mac floatation cell is fully enclosed, and there is no need of extra water adding to this mac cell. Moreover, its operation environment is good.
3. One mac floatation cell can complete 4 to 5 stages of flotation. And this cell has a compact structure.
4. Designed with strong self-cleaning capacity, the injector is difficult to be blocked.

Main Technical Parameters:

Flow Rate (m3/h) 256 400 512 624 800 976 1152 1344 1456 1600
Layer amount 4-5
Processing consistency (%) 1.1±0.1
Productivity 55-65 85-100 110-130 130-160 170-210 210-250 240-300 290-350 310-380 340-420
Consistency of ink (%) 2-3

Mac Floatation Cell:

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