Vibration Fluidized Bed


This vibration fluidized bed (dryer ) cooler is mainly used in the drying and cooling of powdery and granular materials in industries of compound fertilizer, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetable, food, mineral and more, such as compound fertilizer, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, borax, ammonium sulfate, tumip strip, bean pulp, wine chamfer, seed, slag, granulated sugar, etc.

Working Principle Diagram:

Type Fluidized bed area (m2) Inlet air temperature Outlet air temperature Evaporated water (kg/h) Power (KW)
TGZZ3×0.3 0.9 70-140 40-70 20-35 0.75×2
TGZZ4.5×0.3 1.35 35 0.75×2
TGZZ4.5×0.45 2 50 1.1×2
TGZZ4.5×0.6 2.7 50-70 1.1×2
TGZZ6×0.45 2.7 70-90 1.5×2
TGZZ6×0.6 3.6 80-100 2.2×2
TGZZ6×0.75 4.5 100-130 2.2×2
TGZZ6×0.9 5.4 120-140 2.2×2
TGZZ7.5×0.6 4.5 140-170 2.2×2
TGZZ7.5×0.75 5.6 130-150 3.0×2
TGZZ7.5×0.9 6.75 150-180 3.0×2
TGZZ7.5×1.2 9 160-210 3.0×2
TGZZ7.5×1.5 11.25 260-300 3.7×2


1. The vibration source of this vibration fluidized bed dryer cooler is driven by vibration motor, so this cooling equipment is of smooth operation, easy maintenance, low noise and long work life.
2. This fluidized bed cooler can evenly liquefy materials without dead gap and blowing-out phenomenon, so it can get evenly dried and cooled products.
3. It has good adjustability. Stepless adjustment is possible for the material thickness and moving speed, as well as the full amplitude.
4. This vibration fluidized bed cooler only causes little damage to the surface of materials, so it can be used to dry fragile materials and materials with irregular granules.
5. Fully-enclosed structure design effectively avoid the cross contamination between materials and air, so work environment is clean.
6. High mechanical efficiency and thermal efficiency are available for this drying cooling equipment. This equipment is power saving, and it can save 30% to 60% power compared with normal drying equipment.
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