• Urea Molten Device
  • Urea Molten DeviceThis urea molten device can turn granular urea into molten urea in a short time without adding water or stirring. ...
  • Urea Solution Tank
  • Urea Solution TankIn the process of compound fertilizer production, this urea solution tank is mainly used to melt and mix ...

Nitrogen-adding Equipments


Nitrogen-adding equipment is specially designed for high-nitrogen compound fertilizer. By distributing steam into its coiled tubing, this nitrogen-increasing machine makes solid urea melt into liquid, and then the liquid urea replaces liquid water in balling process. In that way, both balling rate and nitrogen containing are increased.


The large heat transfer area of this urea-melting and nitrogen-adding equipment helps to shorten the melting time, as a result of which the formation of biuret is decreased significantly.
Our professional after-sale service team can provide you not only with the installation and adjustment of equipment, but also useful and practical suggestions about raw materials selection, product formulation and manufacturing technology.


If this nitrogen-increasing equipment needs a short stop from work, steam should be distributed into it to keep its temperature; if it needs a long stop, liquid or molten urea has to be emptied from its host machine and tubing so as to keep the equipment from being blocked.

Packing:wooden cases
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