Coater Equipments


This coater equipment is widely used in the solid powdering and liquid coating processes of granular fertilizers.
This coating equipment enables the surface of compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer to form a layer of protective film to isolate the surface from the outer air, thereby preventing fertilizer from agglomeration as well as improving the surface brightness. Meanwhile, this equipment can add some microelements to increase fertilizer efficiency.
The auxiliary machine of this coater has stirring device, automatic temperature controller and quantitative spray device, and it’s easy to operate and has high reliability.
Moreover, this coater equipment has features of humanized structure, operation stability, high adaptability and is free from dust and pollution.

Technical Parameters:

Type HTM1204 HTM1405 HTM1606 HTM1806 HTM2007 HTM2208
Size(cylinder dia.×cylinder length) (mm) Φ1.2×4 Φ1.4×5 Φ1.6×6 Φ1.8×6 Φ2.0×7 Φ2.2×8
Productivity (t/h) 5-6 8-10 12-16 16-22 25-30 30-35
Rotating speed (r/min) 10.4 10 9.5 9.1 8.6 8.2
Inclination (°) 1.5-2.5
Motor power (kw) 5.5 7.5 11 15 22 30
Overall dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 4000×1960×2130 5000×1930×2775 6000×2315×2520 6000×2900×3160 7000×3050×3520 8000×3240×3715
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