M.C. Bleaching Tower


This M.C.bleaching tower is mainly used to bleach pulp, especially wastepaper pulp, in medium-consistency bleaching process in pulp and paper industry.

Structure Features:

1. The specially designed tower structure is good for the overall rising of pulp and avoid retention of pulp in tower body.
2. The pulp baffle inside this medium consistency bleaching tower is good for the uniform distribution of pulp.

Process Flow Diagram:

Main Technical Parameters:

Type ZPH31 ZPH32 ZPH33
Specifications 15 25 45
Bleaching temperature (℃) 60
Bleaching Consistency (%) 8~12
Bleaching time (min) ≤0.6
Processing Capacity t/d 40~60 80~120 120~180
diameter Tower D(mm) 1600 2000 2600
Height of Tower H(mm) 9250 9850 10500
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