Press Pit/Dry broke pulper


This press pit/dry broke pulper is mainly used to break broke from the paper rolling and pressing processes of paper machine in pulp and paper industry.
The sawtooth-shaped rotor of this press pit/dry broke pulper ensures good circulation and breaking of pulp. Meanwhile, this kind of rotor saves as much as 20% power when compared with that of traditional rotor. Moreover, this broke pulper is equipped with a pre-embedded steel rings to be directly connected with host machine.

Main Technical Parameters:

Specifications (mm) Φ850 Φ1000 Φ1250
Pulp consistency (%) 2.5-4.5
Productivity of matching paper machine (t/d) 90-120/100/230 180-250/250-320 300-550/350-550
Motor power (kw) 110/75 200/132 315/185
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