Out-flow Pressure Hot-screening


This out-flow pressure hot-screening machine, also known as hot-screening pressurized screen, is specially utilized for the hot screening of chemical pulp and semi-chemical pulp in pulp and paper industries.
The high-speed rotating closed rotor of this out-flow pressure hot-screening machine avoids the disturbance of winding impurities and process high-consistency pulp. The weir tube structure allows pulp to enter this out-flow pressure hot-screening equipment in overflowing mode, which significantly decreases the wear and tear of heavy impurities to screen drum. Moreover, the double mechanical seal structure makes this hot-screening pressurized screen more appropriate to work at high temperature.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type ZSL32(R) ZSL33(R) ZSL34(R) ZSL35(R) ZSL36(R)
Screening area (m2) 0.5 1 2 3 4
Screen Diameter of screen mesh (mm) Φ1.2-Φ2.2
Screening consistency (%) 1.5-2.5
Flow rate (t/d) 35-75 80-180 140-300 200-450 280-600
Screen slot Diameter of screen mesh (mm) 0.15-0.35
Screening consistency (%) 1.5-2.5
Flow rate (t/d) 25-65 60-160 100-260 150-400 200-520
Motor power (kw) 45 75 90-110 132-160 160-200
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (mm) 2065×1140×1650 2065×1190×1925 2570×1425×2300 3500×1650×25302 3715×1850×2785
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