• Mac Floatation Cell
  • Mac Floatation CellThis mac floatation cell is mainly used to remove ink particles in waste paper pulp. ...
  • High-speed Washer
  • High-speed WasherThis high-speed washer is mainly used to wash deinked pulp in waste paper treatment system. ...
  • Disc Thickener
  • Disc ThickenerThis disc thickener is mainly used in cleaning and thickening low-consistency pulp. ...

Floatation/Washing/Thickening /Dispersing System


Huayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of floatation washing thickening dispersing system equipment for pulp and paper industry in China. Huayi provides six different kinds of flotation washing thickening dispersing system machines as follows:
1. Mac floatation cell: this cell is fully closed, and it does not need extra clean water. Moreover, it has a good operation environment. 2. High-speed washer: its structure is compact and it has high matching capacity.
3. Gravity cylinder thickener: this thickening equipment features simple structure and good operation reliability. Its discharging pulp consistency and white water consistency are easy to control.
4. Disc thickener: the filtration area of this thickening equipment is greatly enlarged, compared with that of traditional gravity dewatering equipment. It features compact structure and good productivity.
5. New-type gravity cylinder thickener: this cylinder thickener has all the features of normal gravity cylinder thickener. Besides, its cylinder has higher rigidity and good adaptability.
6. Inclined screw thickener: its screw and brush are specially designed. Its filtration drum has strong self-cleaning capacity. Its discharging products are of high consistency.