Inclined Screw Thickener


This inclined screw thickener is mainly used to thicken and wash various paper pulp.

Structure Features:

1. The screw and brush of this inclined screw thickener is specially designed. The filtration drum has strong self-cleaning capacity. And its discharging pulp has higher consistency.
2. The mesh size of filtration drum changes according to different pulp types and different consistency areas, which reduces fiber loss.
3. The consistency of discharging pulp can be easily controlled by changing pulp height in pulp case.

Main Technical Parameters of Inclined Screw Thickener:

Nominal filtrating area (m2) 1×1 1×2 1×3 1.5×2 1.5×3 2×3
Feeding pulp consistency (%) 3~4
discharging pulp consistency (%) 10~14
Productivity (t/d) OCC 18~23 35~45 50~70 50~70 80~100 100~130
ONP 10~15 20~30 30~45 30~45 50~60 60~80
Motor power (kw) 4 4×2 4×3 7.5×2 7.5×3 11×3
Overall size (L×W×H) (mm) 2000×600×2725 2000×865×2725 2000×1280×2725 2300×1100×3400 2300×1550×3400 2350×1800×3750
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