Fermentation Equipment


Huayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional fermentation equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Here in Huayi, we have three types of ferment machines for guest worldwide:
1. Chain rolling and piling machine: this machine is specially designed for pool-type fermentation system. And it is made up of host machine, track and transfer flatcar.
2. Tooth-rake rolling and piling machine: its host machine is designed with a unique tooth-rake structure, and it moves via the traction device. A hydraulic control system is used to complete the lifting up and down of this rolling and piling machine.
3. Self-motion rolling and piling machine: the breakthrough of this machine is its integration with crushing performance of fermented materials. As materials are gradually dehydrated, crushing blades are equipped to crush the masses formed during the fermentation process. In that way, another crusher isn’t needed, and more importantly, the crushing efficiency is greatly reduced, thereby reducing costs.