Self-motion Rolling And Piling Machine


This self-motion rolling and piling machine is the host part of bio-organic fertilizer production line. Designed with functions of rolling, piling and crushing, this equipment is quite suitable for the microbial fermentation, and the rolling and mixing of sludge, microbial agents, straw powder, and fresh livestock and poultry manure of cattle, horse, sheep, pig, chicken, etc.

The breakthrough of this rolling piling equipment is its crushing capacity design. As materials are dehydrated gradually, blade shafts are equipped to effectively crush the fertilizer masses formed during the fermentation process, so there is no need of another crusher. In that way, the crushing efficiency is greatly increased and production costs are reduced.

This automatic rolling and piling machine promises good aerobic environment, and it can complete making fertilizer in seven days: one day for heating, 7 to 12 hours for deodorization, two days for sterilization to completely kill fowl flu virus in dung, three days for drying. So this automatic equipment not only has high fermentation efficiency, but also can effectively prevent the formation of harmful and smelly gases like hydrogen sulfide, amine gas and indole in fermentation process. Being environmental friendly and producing high-quality bio-organic fertilizer, this automatic rolling and piling machine is an essential part for fertilizer production line. Moreover, some auxiliary devices can be added to this rolling and piling machine too, like automatic bacteria sprayer.

Currently speaking, the ground stacking fermentation is the most advanced technology. It takes smallest place and needs less labor power. After materials are piled in long-strip stack, this automatic rolling and piling equipment will periodically roll, mix and crush those materials before they decompose under the aerobic condition. This self-motion rolling and piling machine is designed with four wheels, so it can go back and forth, left and right. An AC-equipped all-around view cab provides a comfortable working environment for driver. Moreover, this automatic rolling and piling equipment can work on open ground as well as big workshops.

Parameters of Automatic Rolling and Piling Machine:

1. HZFD-2300


Type HZFD-2300
Width of rolling and piling 2300mm
Height of Rolling & piling 800mm-1000mm
Line spacing of piled material 0.8-1m
Max. diameter of material granules 250mm
Power 40 HP; Water cooling; electric start-up 40
Max. rotary speed 1800r/min
Rotary speed at rated power 1800r/min
Working speed 0.6-10km/h
Processing capacity 600-900 m3/h



Type HZFD-3000
Width of rolling and piling 3000mm
Height of rolling and piling 1300mm-1500mm
Line spacing of piled materials 0.8-1m
Max. diameter of material granules 250mm
Power 150 HP; Water cooling; electric start-up150
Max.rotating speed 2200r/min
Rotary speed at rated power 2200r/min
Working speed 0.6-10km/h
Processing capacity 1000-1500 m3/h
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