• H.C. Hydrapulper
  • H.C. HydrapulperThis H.C. hydrapulper is mainly applied to break waste paper under high consistency status in the deinking process. ...
  • Drum Screen
  • Drum ScreenThis drum screen is mainly used in collecting coarse and big impurities or contaminants in wastepaper breaking ...
  • Hydrapurge I
  • Hydrapurge IThis hydrapurge I is specially used in separating impurities or contaminants in pulp from high consistency ...
  • PLC Control System
  • PLC Control SystemThis breaking system mainly consists of high consistency hydrapulper, hydrapurge I, drum screen and PLC control ...

H.C. Breaking System


This high consistency breaking system is mainly made up of high consistency hydrapulper, drum screen, hydrapurge I, and PLC control system. And this breaking system is widely used in pulp and paper industry.
After being broken in H.C.hydrapulper, the processed pulp is diluted to the consistency of 5% before being sent to hydrapurge I where further separation of pulp from impurities are done. Then the further processed pulp goes to the next procedure via screen plate, while coarse and big impurities collected in that process are sent to drum screen for further processing.
The composite application of those three machines in the high consistency breaking system has many advantages: ensuring the cleanness inside the tank of H.C. breaking system, shortening individual breaking time, reducing fiber strength, avoiding the further breaking of impurities, obtaining the best ink peeling effects under high consistency condition, thereby increasing the productivity of the whole H.C. breaking system.


1. H.C.hydrapulper: this hydrapulper is specially used in breaking paper under high consistency status in deinking process.
2. Drum screen: this screening equipment is mainly used to remove coarse and big impurities in the wastepaper breaking system.
3. Hydrapurge I: the optimized shell structure of this hydrapurge I provides higher impurity collecting capacity.
4. PLC control system: this PLC system improves the productivity of this high consistency breaking system.

Working Principle Diagram:

Layout of High Consistency Breaking System

H.C. Breaking System