• Vertical Mixer
  • Vertical MixerThis vertical mixer is widely used in phosphate compound fertilizer industry. This vertical mixing ...
  • Double-axle Mixe
  • Double-axle MixeThis double-axle mixer is widely used in the continuous and uniform mixing process of organic fertilizer and ...
  • BB Fertilizer Mixer
  • BB Fertilizer MixerThis BB fertilizer mixer is mainly used in the continuous production of fertilizer industry. It is a kind of ...

Mixer Equipments


As a professional manufacturer and supplier of mixer equipment in China, Huayi has three different types of mixing equipment for customers worldwide:
1. Vertical mixer: this kind of mixing equipment features good operation stability, even mixing capacity, easy discharging control, good wear-resistance, easy operation, uneasy material sticking performance and more.
2. Double-axle mixer: this mixer equipment is widely used in the continuous production of compound fertilizer and mixed fertilizer. And it is designed with horizontal double spindle structure.
3. BB fertilizer mixer: this mixer is a kind of cylinder-type continuous mixing machine. Multi-angle shovelling plate is equipped to improve the mixing evenness to the fullest as well as to reduce the damages to material granules.