Double-axle Mixe


This double-axle mixer is widely used in the continuous and uniform mixing process of organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer industry. This mixing equipment is designed with horizontal double-axle structure. The mixing paddles on the axles rotate with different angles synchronously in reverse direction. In that way, in that way, the rotating paddles can finish material mixing and conveying at the same time.
Meanwhile, this double-axle mixer has advantages of good operation stability and easy operation.

Main Technical Parameters of HSJ50-HSJ60 Double-axle Mixer:

Type HSJ50 HSJ60
Dia. of rotor (mm) Φ500 Φ600
Productivity (t/h) 8-15 25-35
Power of motor (KW) 7.5-15 15-30
Overall dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 5100×1360×860 5600×1800×1150
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