• Belt Conveyor
  • Belt ConveyorThis belt conveyor is specially used in conveying compound fertilizer, ammonium phosphate (AP), and other ...
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Screw ConveyorThis screw conveyor is mainly used in delivering compound fertilizer, ammonium phosphate, and many other ...
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Bucket ElevatorThis bucket elevator is widely used for the vertical conveying in different industries, such as chemical, mining, ...

Conveying Equipments


As a professional manufacturer and supplier of conveying equipment in China, Shandong Huayi provides three kinds of conveyors for customers worldwide:
1. Belt conveyor: this conveying machine is used to deliver compound fertilizer, ammonium phosphate(AP), and many other fertilizer materials.
2. Screw conveyor: this conveyor is also utilized to convey composite fertilizer, ammonium phosphate (AP) and many other materials.
3. Bucket elevator: this elevator features small size, good convey capacity, safe operation, good operation stability, and comfortable working environment.