Belt Conveyor


This belt conveyor is specially used in conveying compound fertilizer, ammonium phosphate (AP), and other fertilizer materials.
Shandong Huayi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of belt conveyor in China, and has been devoted to producing conveying equipment for as long as about 30 years. With so many years’ experience in this industry, we definitely provide you the best belt conveyor at relatively low price.

Technical Parameters:

Type B500 B650 B800 B1000 B1200
Belt width (mm) 500 650 800 1000 1200
Conveying capacity (m3/h) 6-10 10-15 16-20 15-30 30-45
Belt speed (m/s) 0.5-1.2
Inclination when running (°) <22
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