Chain Rolling And Piling Machine


This chain rolling and piling machine is specially used in the pool-type rolling and piling of organic material fermentation, and it increases the aerobic fermentation speed.
Specially designed for the pool-type fermentation system, this chain rolling and piling equipment is made up of host machine, track and transfer flatcar. The host machine is designed with a unique multi-tooth chain plate structure and driven by a traction device, it can roll up and down at a large angle to gradually send materials into the rolling and piling machine layer by layer from top to bottom. After discharged from the outlet, the materials will go into the fermentation pool layer by layer from bottom to top, thereby finishing the rolling and piling process.

Photos of Chain Rolling and Piling Machine

Main Technical Parameters:

Type HFD20 HFD40
Width (mm) 2000 4000
Transfer distance (mm) 3500 4000
Motor power (KW) 5.5 10
Overall size (mm) (L×W×H) 5500×2600×1500 6600×4250×1800
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