Gravity Cylinder Thickener


This gravity cylinder thickener is specially used to wash and thicken low-consistency pulp.

Structure Features:

1. This gravity cylinder thickener features simple structure and good operation reliability. And its discharging pulp consistency and whitewater consistency are easy to control.
2. The pulp layer made by this thickening equipment is loose and has a high thickness. Small impurities has strong penetration capacity. Pulp processed by this gravity cylinder thickener is much easier to be separated by washing machine from small impurities like ink particles, dust.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type Filtration area (m2) Feeding pulp consistency (%) discharging pulp consistency (%) Productivity Motor power (kw) Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)
Rice-wheat-straw pulp (t/d) Mixed waste paper (t/d) Tailing pulp(t/d) Chemical wood pulp (t/d)
ZNW21 5 0.5~1 4~6 5~8 8~10 10~12 15~18 4 2925×2780×2400
ZNW21 10 10~15 15~20 20~25 30~35 5.5 4196×2930×2400
ZNW21 15 15~22 22~30 30~38 45~52 7.5 5510×2850×2400
ZNW21 20 20~30 30~40 40~50 60~70 11 5350×3570×2820
ZNW21 25 25~38 38~50 50~62 75~88 6210×3570×2820
ZNW21 30 30~45 45~60 60~75 90~105 15 6715×4550×3500
ZNW21 35 35~52 52~70 70~88 105~122 7370×4550×3500
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