Disc Thickener


This disc thickener is mainly used in cleaning and thickening low-consistency pulp.

Structure Features:

1. Compared with traditional gravity dehydrating machine, this disc thickener has much larger filtering area, more compact structure, and higher productivity.
2. This thickening machine is equipped with stainless steel sector disc and tank body, which contributes to much cleaner pulp.
3. Reasonable washing and pulp-separating structure makes it difficult to block filtration mesh and has strong dehydrating capacity.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type Disc diameter (mm) Number of disc Nominal area (m2) Feeding pulp consistency (%) Discharging pulp consistency (%) Productivity of one disc Motor power (kw) Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)
Wastepaper board (t/d) Waste newspaper (t/d)
ZNP2508 Φ2500 8 60 0.8~1.2 3~4 9~12 5~7 7.5 4620×3960×3310
ZNP2510 10 75 11 5200×3960×3310
ZNP2512 12 90 5700×3960×3310
ZNP2514 14 105 15 6300×3960×3380
ZNP2516 16 120 6800×3960×3380
ZNP3510 Φ3500 10 150 18~24 10~14 22 5960×5210×4440
ZNP3512 12 180 6560×5210×4440
ZNP3514 14 210 30 7245×5210×4460
ZNP3516 16 240 7845×5210×4460
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