Horizontal Pulverizer


The horizontal pulverizer is specially used in pulverizing raw materials and reverted materials in phosphate compound fertilizer industry.
The reasonably designed material inlet of this horizontal pulverizing equipment promises enough grinding time for materials, and enables materials to be fully pulverized. And its product granules are fine and even. Moreover, the inner liner of this horizontal pulverizer is made of stainless steel, which reduces the impact on the chassis as well as basic manufacturing costs.

Technical Parameters:

Type HWS50 HWS60 HWS70 HWS80 HWS100
Center Distance (mm) 500 600 700 800 1000
Productivity (t/h) 5-6 6-10 12-16 16-20 20-25
Feeding Granularity (mm) <100 <100 <120 <120 <120
Discharging Granularity (mm) ≤1mm Occupying 70%-90%
Motor Type Y132M-4 Y160M-4 Y160L-4 Y180L-4 Y225ML-4
Power(kw) 7.5×2 11×2 15×2 22×2 45×2
Overall size (mm) (L×W×H) 1754×1292×1115 1850×1650×1330 2150×2020×1600 2170×2320×1725 2620×2900×2150
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