Rotary Dryer


This rotary dryer, also known as drum dryer, is specially developed for the drying of compound and mixed fertilizers and pre-drying of organic fertilizer. It is designed with multi-angle lifting shovelling plates to better handle materials of different features, so its materials can be evenly distributed into a larger heated area to get a better drying effect.
This rotary dryer has advantages of humanized compact structure, high adaptability, good stability and low power consumption.

Technical Parameters:

Type Size(cylinder dia.×cylinder length) Productivity (t/h) Rotary speed (r/min) Inclination (°) Intake air temperature(℃) Discharging moisture (%) Motor Overall size (mm)(L×W×H)
Type Power(kw)
HGZ1210 Φ1.2×10 1-2 4 1.5-2.5 80-350 1-4 Y160M-6 7.5 12500×2000×2400
HGZ1514 Φ1.5×14 3-4 4 Y180L-6 15 15440×2375×3110
HGZ1818 Φ1.8×18 5-6 4 Y200L2-6 22 19600×3200×3400
HGZ2020 Φ2.0×20 8-10 4 Y225M-6 30 21750×2820×3445
HGZ2222 Φ2.2×22 10-14 4 Y280S-6 45 24300×3380×4410
HGZ2424 Φ2.4×24 14-16 4 Y280M-6 55 26000×3430×4200
HGZ2626 Φ2.6×26 16-20 3 Y280M-6 75 27500×3400×4400
HGZ2828 Φ2.8×28 20-24 3 Y315S-6 90 30800×4200×4550
HGZ3030 Φ3.0×30 24-30 3 Y315L2-6 132 33000×4250×5000
HGZ3530 Φ3.5×30 30-35 3.4 Y335M2-6 185 33000×4800×5900
HGZ3830 Φ3.8×30 35-40 3.4 Y355L1-6 220 34000×5200×6640
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