This kneader is widely used for the dispersion of paraffin in OCC paper and ink in MOW/OMG paper.

Structure Features:

1. The optimized rotor and stator can not only effectively knead impurities and keep the same freeness of pulp, but also improve the swelling degree and interlaminar bond strength.
2. The internal liner of this kneader is made of stainless steel, which avoids the influence of heavy metal ions on chemicals under high temperature.
3. The pulp discharging device automatically controlled by applied power avoids the escape of steam, provides moisture needed by dispersion, and reduces the consumption of steam.

Main technical parameters:

Nominal diameter (mm) Φ500 Φ600 Φ700 Φ800
Processing consistency (%) ≥28
Processing temperature (℃) 90~100
Productivity (t/d) 30~45 60~90 100~150 160~220
Motor power (kw) 110 185 250 315
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 4145×2550×915 5130×2750×1010 5450×2850×1100 6260×3000×1300

Work Principle Diagram:

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