Drum Pulper


This drum pulper is mainly used in the continuous breaking and screening of wastepaper under high consistency status in order to remove coarse and big impurities.
This kind of drum pulper can decompose fiber and do coarse screening of paper pulp without mincing impurities and generating smaller fiber. It can remove coarse and big impurities under high consistency status without fiber loss, such as wet-strength materials, plastics, fabric, stickies, sand, iron wire.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type ZDG2500 ZDG2750 ZDG3000 ZDG3250 ZDG3500 ZDG3750
Drum diameter (mm) Φ2500 Φ2750 Φ3000 Φ3250 Φ3500 Φ3750
Drum length (mm) 14500 17500 19500 2300 25500 30000
Processing capacity (t/d) 80-130 150-200 180-250 220-330 350-450 380-500
Motor power (kw) 132 200 280 355 500 560
Overall size (L×W×H) (mm) 16400×4650×5900 19700×6600×6200 21850×6880×6900 25200×7000×7000 2900×6700×7300 32560×7265×7840

Drum Pulper:

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