High-moisture Material Dryer


This high-moisture material dryer is specially designed for the the drying of high humidity and high viscosity materials like poultry/fowl dung manure, concentrated sludge and tailing from brewery and paper mill, as well as the professional drying of feed, water glass (or sodium silicate), fluorite and more.
The main body of this high-moisture material drying equipment is a rotary cylinder. This cylinder is designed in downstream drying mode and with a built-in knocking spindle. The cylinder and spindle rotate towards the same direction. The spindle can crush bulk materials to enlarge the specific surface area. In that way, the drying efficiency is significantly increased. Meanwhile, the speed of cylinder and spindle is adjustable.
Moreover, this kind of high-moisture material dryer is characterized by humanized compact structure, good operation stability and high adaptability.

Technical Parameters:

Type HGG15 HGG18 HGG20
Size (mm) Φ1.5×5 Φ1.8×6 Φ2.0×7
Rotating speed of cylinder (r/min) 3-4
Rotating speed of spindle (r/min) 150-260
Cylinder power (KW) YCT200-4B-7.5 YCT200-4B-11 YCT225-4A-15
Spindle power (KW) YCT200-4A-5.5 YCT200-4B-7.5 YCT225-4A-11
Overall dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) 7200×2100×2500 9300×2130×2770 11500×2650×3510
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