Rotary Drum Granulator


Huayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of rotary drum granulating equipment in China. The rotary drum granulator is specially designed for cold and hot granulation, and mainly used in the large-scale production of high-, medium- and low-consistency compound fertilizers.


1. The cylinder of this rotary drum granulator is lined with special rubber and its press plate is made of stain less steel, so this granulation equipment can remove scars and tumors automatically on its own.
2. This granulator has advantages of high balling rate, even and round final granules, good corrosion resistance, great abrasion resistance, low power consumption, long service life, easy operation and maintenance.

Technical Parameters:

Type Size(cylinder dia.×cylinder length) Productivity (t/h) Rotary speed (r/min) Slope ( ° ) Balling rate (%) Motor Overall size (mm)(L×W×H)
Type Power(kw)
HZL1405 Φ1.4×5 3-4 13.2 2-2.5 60-80 Y160M-4 11 5320×2820×2300
HZL1606 Φ1.6×6 5-8 12 Y160M-4 11 7200×2315×2520
HZL1806 Φ1.8×6 8-12 11.3 Y180M-4 18.5 7350×2900×3531
HZL2007 Φ2.0×7 12-15 10.2 Y180L-4 22 8730×3040×3515
HZL2208 Φ2.2×8 15-18 9.7 Y225M-6 30 9800×3280×3610
HZL2408 Φ2.4×8 20-26 9.6 Y280M-6 55 9800×3300×3780
HZL2610 Φ2.6×10 26-30 9.2 Y315S-6 75 125000×3350×3920
HZL2811 Φ2.8×11 30-35 8.9 Y315M-4 90 12850×3560×4800
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