Extrusion Granulator


The extrusion granulator is a new kind of granulating equipment specially developed for powder fertilizer materials, such as potassium chloride, ammonium sulfide, silicon, calcium, magnesium, potassium. It can process irregular particles with a diameter from 2 to 6mm.
This extrusion granulator usually works under the normal temperature and it has no dry process. Compact structure, humanized work process, no three wastes discharge, good operation stability, high working reliability, energy saving and low power consumption are advantages of this granulating machine.

Technical Parameters:

Type HJY360 HJY450 HJY800
Roller diameter (mm) Φ360 Φ450 Φ800
Max. molding pressure (MPA) 16 21 30
Product granularity (mm) 4-6
Productivity (t/y) 1-1.5 2-3.5 5-6
Host engine power (KW) 37 55 110


Spare Parts
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