Rotary Cooler


This rotary cooler is specially used in quick cooling down of finished fertilizers and chemical materials. It can directly cool down high-temperature compound fertilizer to the normal temperature so that quick and timely packing is possible.
Moreover, this countercurrent cooling design of this rotary cooling equipment contributes in reducing pollution, improving work environment. This rotary cooler has advantages in humanized structure, good operation stability, and high adaptability.

Technical Parameters:

Type Size (cylinder dia×cylinder length)(mm) Productivity (t/h) Rotating speed (r/min) Inclination (°) Motor Overall dimensions (mm)(L×W×H)
Type Power(kw)
HLQ1210 Φ1.2×10 3-5 5.2 2-2.5 Y160L-6 7.5 10750×2025×2130
HLQ1515 Φ1.5×15 6-8 4.4 Y180L-6 15 15750×2375×3110
HLQ1818 Φ1.8×18 8-12 4.2 Y200L2-6 22 19600×2630×3400
HLQ2020 Φ2.0×20 12-16 4 Y225M-6 30 20750×3380×4100
HLQ2220 Φ2.2×20 18-22 4 Y280S-6 45 22000×3380×4410
HLQ2420 Φ2.4×20 22-25 3.6 Y280M-6 55 22600×4200×4500
HLQ3020 Φ3.0×20 25-30 4 Y315L2-6 132 22745×4810×4920

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