Air Box Pulse Bag Filter


This YQM series air box pulse bag filter is widely used for the dust elimination in a variety of industries, like casting, metallurgy, electricity, building materials, mining, cement, chemicals, etc.
And it helps to improve enterprise image and protect environment.

Features of YQM Series Pulse Bag Filter:

1. It is suitable for high-concentration dust removal. For example, the dust concentration of the gas in the grinding system of O-pea classifier can reach as much as 1000g/nm3 . However, this YQM series air box pulse bag filter can directly handle the dust, without the need to set up the level-one dust collector like cyclone dust extractor.
2. Offline dust removal technology is used in this air box pulse bag filter to avoid dust readsorption caused by secondary dust flying in online dust removal process. Besides, this technology is good for the continuous operation of this YQM series pulse bag filter, which improves dust removal effects and extends the working life of this filter bag.
3. Patented technology of filter bag self-locking sealing device is used to improve the closeness between the equipment and filter bag, as well as the dust removal efficiency.
4. Air-box structure of this YQM series pulse bag filter reduces the partial resistance loss of equipment, and eliminates problems like filter bag installation inconvenience, etc.
5. Electromagnetic pulse valve is designed with double-diaphram structure, thereby obtaining features of good control sensitiveness, high efficiency, longer service life.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type Air handling volume (m3/h) Total filter area (m2) Number of filter chamber Amount of filtering bag Inlet dust concentration (g/m3) Outlet dust concentration (g/m3) Amount of electromagnetic pulse valve
YQM32-3 6900 93 3 96 <200 ≤0.05 3
YQM32-4 8900 124 4 128 4
YQM32-5 11200 155 5 160 5
YQM32-6 13400 186 6 192 6
YQM64-4 17800 248 4 256 <1000 4
YQM64-5 22300 310 5 320 5
YQM64-6 26700 372 6 384 6
YQM64-7 31200 434 7 448 7
YQM64-8 35700 496 8 512 8

Air Box Pulse Bag Filter:

DCS Automatic Control
Electric-Control Box
Jet Induced Fan

Cyclone Dust Extractor
Induced Draft Fan

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