Bale Breaker


The bale breaker is specially utilized in the bale breaking of wastepaper and screening of dust and debris in wastepaper processing system in pulp and paper industry.
This bale breaking equipment removes most of impurities from the source so that those impurities cannot enter the pulping system, thereby improving the quality of paper pulp. The loosed wastepaper bags need less pulping time, thereby improving pulping efficiency and saving 10% to 20% power. The spraying dust remover can effectively remove dust in wastepaper, ensuring the cleanness of working environment.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type ZSS3000
Diameter of rotating drum Φ3000
Drum length (mm) 9800
Processing capacity (t/d) 200-600
Motor power (kw) 15×4
Overall size(L×W×H) (mm) 11680×6040×5240
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