Sludge Drying Disposal


Huayi Heavy Industry Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of sludge drying disposal equipment in China. Our sludge drying disposal machines are of high quality and low price.
The waste water treatment process of paper making industry inevitably produces sludge containing lots of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals, as well as high moisture content. Usually, the moisture of sludge can reach 65% to 80%, and sludge is always in big size and difficult to treat. Sludge causes lots of harms to environment, like the deterioration of water quality, polluting soils and crops. As people’s life get better and better, and production scales become larger and larger, the harm of sludge becomes more and more obvious. The sludge treatment reduces the amount of sludge, makes sludge harmless, and even change sludge into resources.
The first step of sludge treatment process is to heat and dry sludge. The heat drying process is to dry sludge by heat. And the drying process is finished mainly by rotary cylinder dryer and belt fluidized bed. After drying, sludge forms into particles or powder, and its size is 1/5 to 1/4 of the original sludge. There two types of heating methods: direct and indirect. The direct heating mode has higher heating efficiency.
The heat for drying sludge comes from the waste flue heat of factory power plant or from the waste heat produced by burning dried sludge. The dried sludge can be used in organic compound fertilizer production process. Also the dried sludge can be burned into marl to be used in cement, brick and tile products, materials of roadbed and road, and backfill soil of engineering construction. Moreover, the dried sludge can be treated as landfill or handled in other kinds of treatment. The dried sludge contains 10% to 30% moisture, so it is in smaller size and lighter weight. In that case, both costs of transportation and landfill is reduces, and meanwhile, the foul sludge smell is greatly reduced.

Sludge drying machine includes:

1. Belt Conveyor

This conveying machine is to convey compound fertilizer, ammonium phosphate and many other kinds of materials.

2. Sealing Screw Conveyor

This screw conveying equipment is used to convey compound fertilizer, ammonium phosphate, and many other materials. While conveying sludge into drying machine, it can seal the feed inlet of drying machine to isolate the gas inside from outside air.

3. Sludge Dryer

This sludge drying machine takes use of flue exhaust to dry sludge to finally get granular sludge with dryness from 65% to 75%.
The technology of using waste flue heat to dry sludge solves the original problem that the low-temperature wet sludge cannot form into particles. The dried finished sludge has the almost same heat value. Moreover, the dried sludge can be used as auxiliary fuel to make good economic benefits.

4. Air Box Pulse Bag Filter

This filtering equipment is widely used in a selection of industries, like casting, metallurgy, electricity, building materials, mining, cement, chemicals, etc. It can effectively remove dust pollution to protect environment.


besides machines mentioned above, Huayi also provides the following machines for customers worldwide: sludge feed box, non-shaft screw conveyor, sealing air equipment, cyclone dust extractor, bucket elevator, product store box, and belt measurement equipment.

Application Areas:

Our sludge drying disposal equipment can be used to process paper sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, chemical fiber sludge, municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge, bacteria fermentation residues, tannery sludge, petrochemical sludge, etc.
Processed sludge can be totally harmless and its size becomes more than 95% smaller. And the processed sludge is stable and can be used as resources, causing no environment worries.

Work Principle:

Common Sludge Drying Heat Resources:

Flue exhaust from power plant boilers, industrial boilers, heat-conduction oil boilers, kilns and many other chemical facilities, and burning smoke.

Process Flow Chart

Perfect Sludge Drying System Control

This sludge drying system makes uses of the waste heat from flue exhaust in thermal power plant.

Process Flow Characteristics:

1. Wet sludge with dryness less than 75% is evenly sent into dryer where the sludge is pre-heated, granulated and dried.
2. The gas comes after the induced draft fan of boiler but before the desulfurization tower. After the heat exchange in dryer, the temperature of the gas is reduced to about 70℃. And after passing cyclone dust collector, or before going back to desulfurization tower, or by gas duct, the gas will be discharged.
3. Flue gas volume can be adjusted by electric gate valve.

Why Do We Choose Flue Exhaust to Dry Sludge?

As the flue exhaust is a kind of waste gas, using its waste heat to dry sludge saves new fuel consumption, which protects environment.

Advantages of Sludge Granulation

1. The granular sludge takes much smaller space than liquid sludge.
2. Granular sludge is free from uneven lumps and powder, which allows sludge to be uniformly mixed with coal for burning. So sludge can be treated as harmless resource.

Best Dryness of Mixture of Dried Sludge and Coal:

1. The best dryness is 65% to 70% and its best heat value is played.
2. Many sludge thickening equipment, like plate and frame filter, screw press master, can only produce sludge whose dryness is 40% to 50%. However, if the sludge with dryness of 50% is sent to boiler for burning, its useful heat value is almost zero, because it takes in the same heat as it will discharges.

Cooperation Cases:

2012 Sludge Drying Project Site of Shengshi Heat Energy and Electric Power Co., Ltd of Shandong Sunshine Group

2010 Sludge Drying Project Site of Zoucheng Honghe Electric Power Plant

2011 First-Phase Sludge Project Site in the Second Base of Luohe Silver Pigeon Group

2011 Second Phase and Third Phase Sludge Project Site in the Second Base of Luohe Silver Pigeon Group
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